Improvements and New features of system Tee-pee


[Improvement] Path for members in HQ

  • Updated path for HQ members only, was empty: For the specific case where a person is assigned a primary membership at the highest level of the organization, the person will be shown this primary unit in the person's profile in a place showing the hierarchy of units.
  • Note: For persons who have primary membership in lower levels of units, the logic of display remains the same - it means, that the displayed hierarchy of primary unit parent units does not contain the highest unit-level in the organization.


[Changes] Adjusted search for people when Inviting/Adding people to the event

  • Changed from Search included only people with primary membership and changed to Search now include people with primary membership and ordinary membership in the unit for public events.

Read more in part: Events/Event details and Events/Actions, Creating new Event.



  • Problems with sending email for domain >  ZHP
  • Fix to where empty data were shown after deleting all at the actual page
  • Fix to where paging was set to 500 or 1000, last record row was empty in Events
  • Removed spaces in email  for # tags #