In this tab, the Administrator can manage Units types and Unit subtypes. Unit types are representing / reflecting the structure of the Organisation and are usually set at the beginning of the system set up. Of course, it is possible to change this hierarchy and its setup later on.

The ability to add new Units and place them within this Unit structure has anyone with the right user permission.

     Type of Unit

A new Unit type can be added by clicking on “+” in upper-right corner.

In the window Add Unit Type define:

  • Name
  • Name in preferred language.
  • Name of menu item.
  • Set color scheme.
  • Visible in menu - whether the Unit should be displayed in the left sidebar menu.
  • Unit eligible for people profile creation - whether it is possible to add or move people to the system in this Unit. Some Units are created just to gather other Units but not directly people.
  • Unit eligible for member registration - whether members can be registered in this type of Unit.
  • Superior unit type - which of the other types of Units is superior to the Unit you are creating.

Then click Save.

You can edit or delete the Unit type by clicking on the three dots in individual actions. You can only delete a Unit type if the Unit type is not in use.

Subtype of Unit

You can add a new subtype of a specific Unit: in the list of Unit types, select the type of Unit for which you want to define Unit subtypes. Click on the Unit type. Then click on “+” in the upper-right corner.

For each unit subtype, you can specify in the Add Unit Subtype tab:

  • Subtype name
  • Set the color scheme.