Units serve for structuring the Organisation. Units can gather other Units under them (subunits) where people or other Units are grouped. The Organisation can decide about the Unit structure and can set the types and subtypes as wished in the Administration/Membership/Units sections. 

The left side menu is displaying the Unit Section which is divided into:

  • My Units – users will see under “My Units” the names of the Units where they have assigned a User role
  • Units – users will see under “My Units” the names of the Unit types

In the Units Tab, a user can see all the Units that belong under other Units (Subunits). The Unit tab is only visible when a Unit has any Subunits.

Creating a New Unit

Choose a Unit, under which you wish to create a new Unit.

In the Units tab, click on „+“ in the upper-right corner.

A new window called ”New Unit” appears. Fill in all required information marked with an asterisk (*) such as Unit type and Formation date and click Create. The newly created Unit will appear in the list of Units under the parent Unit. The Unit name cannot contain the following signs ";".

After the new Unit is created, you will see the information from the “New Unit” window saved in the Unit Data tab where you should be able to add more details.

Moving Units

Choose the Unit that you wish to move. Please note that it’s possible to move only an active Unit. Terminated units cannot be moved. When moving a Unit that has Subunits, they are moved with it.

The Unit can be moved only under the “parent unit” which the user has permissions for, and only to Units which allow its Unit type in the hierarchy.

Terminating Units

A Unit can only be terminated only if it does not contain any subunits. Only after all subunits are terminated does termination of the unit become possible. In case that the Unit has one and more active subunits, termination of the Unit is not possible.

Terminating the Unit will end all Functions, Memberships, and allocated User roles. Terminated Units can’t be moved, and no users can be added or moved into it. The date of termination will be added to the “Dissolution Date” field in the Data tab in the terminated Unit. The date of termination must be after the date when the Unit was created.

The Unit will still be shown in the list of Units, but it will be grayed out. It will be moved behind all active Units.

The system does not allow to add the termination date in the future (or current date). It is possible to enter only the date before the current date, or older.

In regards to terminated Units, you cannot:

  • add a new person to a terminated Unit,
  • move a person to a terminated Unit,
  • or add an existing person into another Unit if the Unit is terminated.

Deleting Units

Units that are not bound by any other entities (membership, event, etc.…) can be deleted entirely from the system and the database. The Unit is set to "Deleted" and cannot be displayed or accessed.

Only a Unit without subunits can be deleted.

DELETE ON REQUEST – permanent delete

The Unit can be permanently deleted with all the information, including all subunits with all the people and events associated with these Units.

People in these Units and their information will be permanently deleted. This information includes participating in events, attendance sheets, membership, and statistics like membership in past years, events participations, and everything related to a person will permanently be removed.

This deletion is only available on request to Artin.