The period for member registration is defined in section – Periods. Usually, it is one calendar year – however, it is not a rule, and you can define your own period (e.g. school year). A new period is added by clicking on “+” in the upper-right corner.

A new window "Add Membership Period" appears. Fill in the Period Name (e.g. Registration 2020), Start Date and End Date of the Membership period, which are the required information.

It is also possible to define Registration Start Date and Registration End Date. These dates define the period open for Registration process for the Units and do not have to be same as Registration period (Strat date and End date). If the dates “Registration Start Date” and “Registration End Date” are not set, the system will use the dates from the fields “Start date” and “End Date”. To create and open the registration would be possible by setting the dates “Registration Start Date” and “Registration End Date” to the current or future date.

Eg. The Registration period for 2019 has its End date set to 31.12.2019. But you need to register additionally one more member to this registration period. However, when creating the Registration period, the “Registration Start Date” and “Registration End Date” were not set, therefore the option to open the registration is not available. You will be able to register this member for 2019 Registration period when you edit the date fields “Registration Start Date” and “Registration End Date”.

Please note that the Membership Period dates should not overlap. Eg. The Registration period for 2020 starts on the 1.1.2020 and finished on the 31.12.2020 and the next Registration period 2021 should not start on the 31.12.2020.

You can edit or delete the Registration period by clicking on the three dots menu.