In the People section, you can browse through people in the system or those who you have permission to see. You search for a person using the Search box (using name, surname, member ID, primary contact e-mail, or registration email), or you can filter them based on:

  • Membership Status:
    • o Member - a person who has a valid membership (was successfully registered) for the current registration period
    • o Non-member - a person who does not have a valid membership for the current registration period. The registration was either not created at all, or the membership has expired, or the sent registration has been denied by the Administrator
    • o Waiting - a person who was registered for the current registration period and their registration has been sent and it is waiting for an approval
  • Person Activity Status
    • o Active - a person who is currently assigned to any Unit
    • o Inactive - a person who is not currently assigned to any home Unit or has been set to inactive status by the Administrator



The People's tab has several options that people are be displayed to whom.

In the People section, a user can see people based on the permissions that the user has and also based on the system settings “Show all people in the system”, which are set in the section: Administration/Settings/General.


Access to a person's profile is only possible if the user has the "Person profile / View" permission. Otherwise, the people in the people list will appear with grey fades.