In a person's Membership tab is an overview of their, current Membership Status, Membership History, Functions within Units, Membership in Units, and Membership fees over time. Giving each user a full overview of their Membership details.

Allocation (primary membership) in the Unit: the name of the Unit where the person has a primary membership (allocation) is displayed next to the person's profile under the name. The 'Blue House' next to the Allocation in Unit membership record is defined by the 'Blue House' symbol. A person can have one allocation per unit in each period but can have any number of regular memberships per unit. You can find more information about actions related to the allocation of persons in the chapter: Units.

A user with permission can edit and delete records in a person's Profile/Membership/“Membership in Units” section.


Membership in Units actions from the Membership tab

Termination of membership within the Organisation: 

In a person's Membership tab it is possible to 'Terminate' d