In the Magazines tab, it is possible to preview all available Magazines and assign them to a person. 

In this tab, it is possible to assign a person a Magazine that was previously created in the Administration section / Membership / Magazines tab. Without predefined Magazines in Administration, it is not possible to see the Magazine tab and to assign a Magazine to a person. 

Once the Magazines are created in the Administration, they will appear under the Magazines tab in person's Profile. Afterward, a Magazine can be assigned via the toggle switch.

It can also be added through a Unit / People tab and then by clicking on the Individual Action button ("three dots") next to a person's name and selecting "Add Magazine".


A person can choose only one Magazine at a time. If they select another Magazine, the previous Magazine choice will get deactivated.

With granted permission for Magazine Administration, it is possible to assign more than one Magazine to a person through their Profile or Unit/People tab.