After a successful login, you enter the Tee-Pee system environment. Depending on the User role (a user login that has assigned permissions to see/access/modify certain parts of the system) you see the following structure in the left sidebar menu:
General Section
• Profile
• People
• Events
• Reports
Unit Section
• My Units
• Units
Administration Section
• Settings
• Membership
• Events
All the sections pages are then divided into tabs.
When working through this manual, please remember that all permissions have been granted meaning there are no restricted actions or tabs. It is up to the Administrator what roles they create for members in their Organisation and what actions/pages allow them to make within the system.
Certain tabs might not be visible for all users, this can be because; they were not given these permissions, there are no existing records related to the tab (e.g. User Roles, Magazines), it was set on purpose in the Administration/Settings/Personal data or Unit data sections.
Under the Profile tab, each user can see all information regarding their membership in the Organisation as well as all related personal data. Each chapter is described below.
However, different users may not be able to view or edit certain tabs described above. The tabs are visible and editable depending on:
• the Personal Data set up in Administration/Settings/Personal Data
• Notifications and User role tab will be displayed only when a user has assigned User Role
A user with permissions to manage other users in the Unit and subsidiary Units can, through a person's Profile; terminate, delete, and restore a person's records.