Filter selection

Filter selection offers filtering of people and their data by the following parameters:

  • Membership status, Units, Registration Period, Qualifications, Awards, Ranks, Achievements, Data of birth, Member since (date), Member to (date), Functions, Volunteering.

It is possible to select one or more filters or none. After Filter selection click Apply.

The Filter can be canceled by clicking on the "x“ button or by unclicking the filter check-box in Filter selection. Click Apply.

Select columns

You can also choose the data you want to display about the people that have been previously filtered by the criteria you have chosen. This can be done via menu Select columns by selecting the required data.

You can choose the whole data group or individual information from the group. You can select them by clicking on the specific checkbox. In the column selection options, you can choose to display the following data grouped as follows:

  • Persons: First name, Last name, Maiden name, Middle name, Date of birth, Sex, Membership status, Volunteering, User name, Qualification, Scout Cross Number, Unit, Generated Name, Function, Registered in, Member ID*, Member since, Member, Ranks
  • Contacts (basic): Phone, E-mail, Skype.
  • Addresses: The First Address Row (Permanent Address), Street (Permanent address), City (Permanent address), ZIP (Permanent address), The First Address Row (Contact address), Street (Contact address), City (Contact address), ZIP (Contact address).

When selection is finished click Show.

All selected data will be shown in separate columns.

The report can be also exported to Excel format by clicking on Export to Due to system limitations, it is possible to export a table with max. up to 1000 rows (next version of Tee-Pee will come with an option to the set own max. row limit).

The Reports do not display the columns/fields that:

  • are disabled in the Administration/Settings/the Fields tab (e.g. Surname, Middle name),
  • have no records in the selected fields/tabs in the Administration in the case of Units and Unit subtypes (e.g. Magazines, Education, Functions, Contacts (primarily: Phone number, email, Skype),

Note: If the records in the Administration for individual parameters are filled in but are not assigned to any person, this does not affect the display in the Reports, and such columns, in this case, will be displayed in the Reports.