In the Data tab, you can find a summary of the key personal details about the person.

Personal details include:

  • Name, Surname, Sex, and Date of Birth are required and are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Middle Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Citizenship
  • Membership ID - automatically generated number or migrated from the previous ZHP data
  • ID Card/Passport/Residence Card/Permit
  • ID Number - A system generated personal ID number.
  • Member since - a date a person was assigned to a Unit; or historical data from the ZHP database before the system was in use)
  • Member to - a date that is automatically generated when the Membership in the last Unit a person is a member of was terminated)
  • The NS status - this status records if the person has any disability. (This is always possible to change)
  • Volunteer - if a person is identified as a volunteer (radio button – ‘Yes’), a blue heart will be displayed after the person's name in the person's profile, in the list of all persons in the Organization, and in the list of persons in the Unit. Volunteering means when a person is actively engaged in the Organisation and serves as information for a quick overview of how many volunteers are currently involved in the Organisation's activities.
  • Railway Card - a free text field enabling data for a Railway Card to be input and stored for the member.
  • Person ID - a field displaying the person's TeePee Identification number given when their profile is created, it is not editable. You can see this as also in the URL of a person's profile. (see below for an example)


The fields without an asterisk (*) are optional. These fields can be toggled on and off in Administration/Settings/Fields. It is advised that these Fields are set up by the main System Administrator for Organisation.